When you work with Dragon Gaming, you get access to all of our smooth integration, client focused support systems in order to maximise partner investment. Everything our partners require is maintained by our dedicated team and can be customised to meet bespoke client requirements.

Game Settings
Set up your games your way. All of our games come fully customisable so that you can configure them exactly how you want them.
Campaign Manager
Set up and support any promotional campaigns you wish to run, while getting all of the help and assistance you need. Our team are on hand to help you get the most from your games and players while allowing you to set up ‘Promo Free Spin’, 'Bonus Money' and 'Tournament' campaigns.
Player Search
In the event that a player query arises, you may need to locate specific identities on our database. Thanks to our player search capabilities, allowing you to resolve player queries, bet outcomes, etc, this can be achieved swiftly and with ease.
Game Assets
Through use of our client area, you can access all the game related assets you require in order to aid and support all of your marketing needs. Also, our in house design team are here to create bespoke marketing materials for you to provide the unique assets that would meet your needs
Gain full access to all necessary financial performance reports. This can be custom reports per player, game or individual campaigns and allows you to break down and analyse a world of data.
Support Portal
Dragon Gaming support portal will be open to you right around the clock in order to ensure that you are more than satisfied with your collaboration. Our dedicated team is here to deal with any quires that you might have.
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