Are you ready for roulette with a fiery twist? Our new Double Dragon Roulette™ game is finally here, letting you unleash the luck of the mighty beast. Meanwhile, you’ll also get the chance to receive multipliers up to a staggering 500x on any single number bet.

Double Dragon Roulette™

Table Games

Yes, you’ve read that right — instead of the standard 35:1, any straight-up bet you make can yield a payout worth 500 times your stake. As the ball spins around the wheel, the beast may shoot flaming projectiles to the betting table and strike up to five random numbers. If it hits the number you’ve bet on, you’ll get a payout based on the stake multiplier. 

The classic thrill of American roulette and the aura of the dragon’s scorching breath melt together to create a unique gaming sensation, complemented by a stylish design and a perfectly smooth user experience. 

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Table Games

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It’s high time to experience a brand-new way of playing the online American roulette. Pick your numbers and watch as the lucky dragon comes to life and breathes excitement into every new round.  

As the ball keeps circling around the wheel, the dragon will spit several fireballs into a set of random numbers and assign them different multipliers. If you’re lucky enough to have the dragon set ablaze one of your chosen numbers, it will boost your payout by up to 500x. This means that if you wager as little as $5 on a single number, there’s a possibility of winning $2,500 in that round. Now, that’s something that a standard roulette game simply can’t match. 

The lively dragon aside, you still get the classic roulette experience with all the familiar rules and a set of inside and outside bets, including red/black, odd/even, split, street, dozens, and more. 

Double Dragon Roulette™ is where the timeless appeal of american roulette meets modern game concepts. This title evokes elegance and sophistication, complemented by fresh gameplay elements, allowing players to experience something unique. 

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