If you’re looking for a fresh and more exciting way of playing roulette, we’d like to introduce you to Dragon Roulette™, a brand-new title from DragonGaming. Apart from a refined new look reflected in the cool golden dragon decorating the wheel, this version of roulette has one notable feature that sets it apart from the standard game.

Dragon Roulette™

Table Games

Namely, during every round, the golden dragon shoots fireballs that cover up to five random numbers and assigns multipliers to them. If you’re lucky enough to hit one of these numbers straight up, you’ll win a prize equal to the multiplied stake that can go up to 100x.

Other than that, you’ll enjoy a familiar roulette game with top-notch graphics and sound effects. All the classic inside and outside bets are there, with the bar on top of the betting layout showing your table coverage for the round. Just pick your chip size, place the chips on your lucky numbers, hit the spin button, and get a chance to win a massive prize at the dragon’s will! 

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Table Games

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Dragon Roulette is DG’s take on the classic roulette game. Adding a new exciting feature that promises to elevate your gameplay, it is a must-play release that will definitely change your perspective of roulette forever.

Dragon Roulette features all the inside and outside bets regular roulette players are familiar with, including straight up, split, street, dozens, red/black, odd/even, and more. So, what makes this game different from standard roulette?

One thing you’ll immediately notice is that the roulette wheel is held by a golden dragon with its head turned toward the betting layout. Apart from looking cool, this dragon adds a crucial feature to the game. Namely, with every turn of the wheel, the beast will spew fireballs from its mouth and hit up to five random numbers. These numbers will then be assigned multipliers of up to 100x that apply to your bet.

Note that any multiplier will only apply to your win if you bet on that number straight up, not if it’s a part of a group of numbers.

Therefore, the potential for winning a massive prize increases many-fold. For instance, if you bet $10 on the number 8 and win with a 100x multiplier, your prize will be $1,000. Neat!

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