Embark on a fiery adventure and feel the dragon’s scorching breath while attempting to seize its vast riches. Dragon's Hot 7s™ is an easy-to-play slot that features only a single payline and three symbol positions. Spin away and try to match as many lucky sevens as you can en route to winning up to 1,000x.

Dragon’s Hot 7s™


As long as an number 7 symbol is positioned within any of the 3 reels, you’ll win. The size of your win is determined by how many 7s you land. Ideally, you would want triple 7s to appear on every reel, which will grant you 100x. But that’s not all. Every win may also feature a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x. 

The game also has a re-spin feature, the feature is triggered when 1 or 2 reels are empty. The empty reel gets spun again, allowing you a second chance to form a winning combination. 

Are you ready to try Dragon’s Hot 7s™? Let’s give it a few spins! 

Game Info
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Game Type


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1 Line, amount of 7s determinds payout

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Reel Type

Spinning Reels

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Reels & Rows

1 Row, 3 Reels

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Get the Dragon’s Fiery Fortunes

There’s still something charming and irreplaceable about traditional single-payline slots, even with all the different reel sets, payout mechanisms, and bonus features they offer. 

Dragon’s Hot 7s™ is a modern slot game with the appeal of an old-fashioned Vegas classic. There are only three reels and one row, and if the symbols fall on each of the three symbol positions, you win. With such a simple setup, the game offers a straightforward yet exhilarating experience. With every spin, you get a chance to unleash the dragon’s fiery breath and win up to 1,000x. 

Yes, It’s All Just 7s

There are just three symbols in the game — a single 7, a double 7, and a triple 7. You don’t need to connect identical ones to win as long as any of them fall on the single payline. 

Of course, the more sevens you land on the reels, the bigger the reward. Getting three triple 7s is the most valuable sequence in the game, awarding you 100x your stake. But that’s not the biggest prize the slot offers, as you may also get a random multiplier on each winning combination. 

Multipliers and Re-Spins

Dragon’s Hot 7s™ doesn’t contain any wilds, scatters, or bonus games, but it still has a couple of features that spice up the gameplay and give players a higher chance of winning. 

Every winning spin can include a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x. This means that if you get three triple 7s and a 10x multiplier, you will win the game’s jackpot worth 1,000x your wager. 

The game also has a re-spin feature. This feature is triggered when 1 or 2 reels are empty. 

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