Easter isn't just a seasonal event anymore! Thanks to Eggsplosion™, you can now enjoy the festive spirit of the spring holiday whenever you want and win some big prizes along the way.



Crack open eggs to reveal prizes within them such as an instant credit prize, a bonus coin added to one of the bonus baskets, or extra eggs that can also award credits and coins. The higher the price tag, the greater the reward. Once a given bonus basket is full, you’ll enter the bonus game. The Eggciting bonus adds up the awarded numbers and multiplies them by your bet level, the Eggstatic bonus awards a multiplier through a wheel-of-fortune mini-game, and the Eggstreme bonus is a pick-em game with various objects that can award additional credits. 

Your Easter adventure begins now! Play Eggsplosion™ now and discover the thrill of Easter all year round!

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The Egg-citing World of Eggsplosion™

Easter came early this year, and Eggsplosion™ invites you to join in on the holiday spirit. Unravel the secrets within the colorful eggs and earn fabulous prizes through three unique bonus games.

  • The eggs can reveal a credit value, additional eggs, or a coin, which is added to one of the three bonus baskets.
  • Each egg is labeled with a bet amount. The higher the bet amount, the higher the potential credit prize.
  • The additional eggs are free to select and can award credit value or bonus coins.

Bonus Baskets

Eggsplosion™ has three bonus games. They are triggered once enough coins have been added to their corresponding egg basket. Each bonus game has a different way of rewarding you:

  • Eggciting bonus — You will see a 9×12 grid of random numbers that will start disappearing one by one once the round begins. The numbers that remain are added together and multiplied by the bet level to determine the payout.
  • Eggstatic bonus — A wheel of fortune spins and awards one of the multipliers.
  • Eggstreme bonus — You are tasked with choosing between one of five items (barrow, basket, bird’s nest, plant pot, and watering can), each awarding a credit prize, a Golden Egg, which takes you to the next of five levels, or a Rotten Egg, which ends the bonus round.

Eggsplosion™ Details

The joy of Easter is hard to resist, and so is Eggsplosion™ with its dynamic gameplay and captivating features. Here are some more details about the game:

  • There can be up to 15 eggs in a 5×3 formation. Once an egg is selected, it will disappear and be replaced by a new one.
  • You can set the bet level by selecting the green (low), yellow (mid), or red (high) egg in the panel below.
  • The game’s RTP is 94.17%.