Play the timeless table game of Blackjack™, also known as Twenty One, at our casino today! Test your card-counting skills against the house and aim to reach a hand value of 21 without going over. Bet on up to five hands and hit the Deal button to start the excitement!


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The goal is simple: build a hand with a value of 21 or get as close as possible without busting. Remember, face cards are worth ten, and your score must beat the dealer’s to win. For even more thrill, try our unique Insurance bet against the dealer getting a natural blackjack.

Join the fun and try your luck now!

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Table Games

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Enjoy the classic table game of Blackjack, available to play now in the casino. Sometimes called Twenty One, Blackjack pits players against the
house in a game of card counting where you must not go higher than 21. To play, all players must set their bet amount, or amounts if playing multiple hands (you can play up to five). Once you have put your stake, or stakes, in their desired space on the table, you are all set to play and can go ahead and hit the Deal button.
Your aim is to build a hand with a value of 21, or as close as you can get it without going past that number. If you go past 21, your hand will be bust. To win, your score must also be better than the dealer’s. To build your hand, cards are valued accordingly except for face cards which are all valued ten. Blackjack also permits a special side bet that allows players to bet against the dealer making a natural blackjack. This is known as an Insurance bet and is all part of the fun.

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