Step into the thrilling world of European Roulette™! With 37 pockets, this classic casino game offers an exhilarating twist compared to its American counterpart, creating endless excitement and opportunities to win big!

European Roulette™

Table Games

Place your bets strategically and feel the adrenaline rush as the ball spins around the wheel. Feeling unsure? No worries! Bet on odds or evens, or go for reds or blacks to keep the excitement going. Choose your stake, place your bet, and let the lucky streak carry you to victory! 

Don’t miss out on this heart-pounding experience – try European Roulette now!

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Table Games

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Get ready to take on the European Roulette tables. Differing from American Roulette, European Roulette has 37 pockets, one less than its American equivalent which finds space for a 00 pocket. Other than that, it’s the same casino classic that you know and love!
Simply place your bets on where you think the ball will drop. Not sure where to bet and no lucky number to help guide you? Why not bet odds or evens, or reds or blacks? To start the game, decide on a stake and place it on your desired outcome. Hit a lucky streak and let it ride!

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